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In-Game Guild Rules

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In-Game Guild Rules


Post by Nozza » October 3rd, 2015, 3:56 pm

While we are generally pretty laid back and easy going, there are still a few rules you should respect. These are in place to ensure the guild remains a friendly social one that all members can enjoy being a part of. Most of these are pretty much common sense, but i'm making them known. - General rules:

The Do's
  • You may invite friends, family, randoms you meet etc. to the guild.
  • You can use Teamspeak as much as you like.
  • Use the forums as much as you like. So long as you adhere to the forum rules.
  • Ask for help. We all need it at some point and we all had to start learning the game at some point also. So don't be afraid to ask the guild if you are in need of some help.
The Don'ts
  • Beggars/Ninjas and being rude to any member will result in a kick.
  • Souring our name in groups/trade is also a fast way to be removed from the guild.
  • Using an automated grats addon of any sort are grounds for an immediate kick.
    They are annoying, spammy, make you look lazy and nobody likes them. If any officers suspect you of using one (It’s generally pretty damn obvious if you are using one) they will remove you without any warnings.
  • Only use English while chatting in guild.
  • Do not argue with the Guild Master or Officers. It will get you nowhere other than guild-less.
  • Cheating, hacking, game exploits will get you kicked from the guild. Probably banned from the game too. So just don't.
  • Threatening any guild member will get you removed.
  • Don't back seat moderate the guild. We have GM's and Officers for a reason. If you want to be an Officer, apply in the relevant forum post.
  • Starting a conversation that is prone to large arguments (such as religion/politics) are not allowed. Neither is racism or discrimination.
  • Do not flame, provoke or insult other member. This includes encouraging them also.
  • Fishing for sympathy is annoying and childish, don't do it.
– Guild Bank
  • You may take what you need/can use, but don’t take things you have no use for or just for the sake of profiting. People doing so will be kicked. Ask an Officer if there is something you want and can’t access. The higher your ranking in the guild is, the more access to the guild bank you have.

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